Let’s patch up your relationship with period pain.

Tap into targeted cycle care.

The Cycle Soother
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The Cycle Soother patch delivers targeted natural ingredients to help offset monthly discomfort. Say hey to your cycle sidekick.
Your menstrual and your health
Take a look at the whole picture
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Easy application - wherever, whenever
  • Easy application - wherever, whenever
  • Bloating, be gone
  • Research-backed formulations
  • Natural quality ingredients delivered innovatively
  • Bounce back to feeling balanced
  • Whole Cycle Wellness™ for hormonal harmony
Sleepy Nausea Anxiety Motivated Bloated Sluggish Experiencing pain Zero sex drive Sleepy Nausea Anxiety Motivated Bloated
Sleepy Nausea Anxiety Unfocused Optimistic Energized Feeling frisky Whole Cycle Wellness Sleepy Nausea Anxiety Unfocused Optimistic Energized Feeling frisky Whole Cycle Wellness Sleepy

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PMDD and me - a personal story by Olivia Khoury
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I think we can all agree that period pain is no fun — and that’s where The Cycle Soother, by Hummingway comes into the picture.
The Zoe Report
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